Work Out Wonders

(Under Armor Sports Bra $20, Forever 21 Tank Top $10, Under Armor Sliders $35, Bright Socks Given to Me as a Gift from Sean, My Saucony Running Shoes $60)
So I used to play soccer for about 8 years, club and high school.  Since being out of high school it's been hard getting into a good work out routine.  I was used to being coached around, told what to do and just doing it.  Without that I kind of didn't know what to do.  Chanel suggested we go to the kickboxing classes at our local Shapes gym and so I went.  I instantly fell in love with it, it was just the kind of endurance building workout I needed and it built my muscles.  It was like my new soccer, just without the ball and barely any touching of other people.  I also got into biking, since I never was much of a long distance runner.  Short spurts of speed was what I was used to.  My mother runs very long distances every week so it kind of puts me to shame that I can't do nearly as much as she can with running and she's 44.  So I just wanted to share what I like to work out in.

Courtney B.

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