Trim Up!

Gave myself some full-frontal bangs. Definitely working my way towards a bob which I've never had before.  Maybe in the next couple of weeks? I hope so. :]

(I <3 Ronson Foreigner T-shirt $8, Earrings Gift)

See you soon!

Love, Courtney B


It's Monday Night Y'all

Which means it's Monday Night football for my family.  Whoop-whoop! Any who, Chanel and I went shopping briefly on Saturday (mostly because Kenneth Cole was having a 40% off the entire store sale and she is in love with their clothes where as I just found some cute little skinny belts for 5$ each).  Now usually I just dress up a bit more for the mall, but not ever with heels.  Today was an exception because these are my brand new booties and I will probably be wearing them often as they are extremely comfortable!

(New York & Company Dress $5, Gap Necklace Gift, Deena & Ozzy Boots from UO $68, American Apparel Thigh-High Socks 3 for $24, Dooney & Bourke shoulder bag $24)

I'd really like a new camera of my own that's excellent but for now Chanel is the best photographer I know and no one else has ever taken my picture better!  Although if we shared a Nikon D80 it would be heaven for both of us I'm sure.  My grandfather (always trying to find a good deal and please his grandchildren at the same time) is ever on the lookout for a camera for me and he actually let me borrow his camera when my mother and I traveled to Paris this summer.  I love taking pictures as much as Chanel does because it peaks both our artistic interests.  Alas!  For now we're both so busy with school during the week that the time we have to take pictures is reduced to week-ends.  Still, I'm glad she finds the time for me then.
Thanks Chanelly :]
More to Come, have a good week everyone!

Love. Courtney B


New Beginnings

This is my first time really trying to commit to blogging.  It has been hard for me in the past because I get so busy doing so many other things.  But I figured that since I just graduated from High School and no longer play a sport for a hobby that I would take up a whole new hobby: Personal Style Blogging! Now what got me really interested in blogging about my daily wear were very well-known bloggers like Susie Bubble and WhatIWore's Jessica Quirk. They both have great styles and completely different styles.  But where I found myself in what they wore was the affordability of Quirk's clothing and the entirely unique styling of Bubble's.  It inspired me to start this blog and share my own unique perspective on small-town affordable style.  Afterall, I do really love fashion, but what I love most is a good deal! here we are!  My first blog post is really compiled of pictures taken way back at the beginning of this horribly heated summer in Florida, but new pictures are coming nonetheless. Between school and work I will try my hardest to commit myself fully to this new hobby. Voila! Day 1 of my style adventure!

(Cooperative Shirtdress $10 from UO, Gap Evergreen Tights $10, J.Crew Purple Flower Ponytail $4, My Mother's Vintage Boots)

P.S. All My pictures are courtesy of my Best Friend Chanel. She will appear often in my blog, I'm sure. :]
Au revoir!