Birthday Wishes

So my boyfriend Sean turned 21 this past weekend and my grandfather turned 71.  Big age difference, I know, but they're both Libras meaning they have at least some stuff in common, even if I don't see it yet.  Anywho, my boyfriend and I are nerds in that we still sometimes watch anime and we have a thing for Bleach and Naruto.  We also always have a spot in our hearts for Pokemon.  While wrapping his present I came across this amazing Pokemon gift bag that I must have gotten a gift in when I was little and I nearly shot through the roof with happiness.  It was perfect, plus I'd just made him this card that I'd sort of been forced to put in a yellow envelope so it worked out well.

All Photos Credit to Moi
I have this thing for wrapping presents and being creative with something so simple.  It's exciting, a little burst of creative energy, you know, my kinda drug.  He used to play baseball (and still would if he hadn't injured his shoulder) and his favorite team is the Yankees (which is strange because he's from Florida, should be a Rays or Marlins fan, right? he's also a Colts fan, does that make any sense?) so I themed his card like baseball.  I put the stitches on a baseball on the front and inside with watercolor paint and cut his name out in navy blue paper.  I also drew the infamous yankees symbol and straight up and down blue lines in watercolor paint to look like their uniforms.  I got him this new yankees wallet (which he badly needed) and a few other things which I decided to just wrap in a normal cardboard paper like wrap.  I like the simplistic feel of it contrasted with this crazy bag.

As for my grandfather, well my family and I got him Rays playoffs tickets.  Kind of a bummer now, since they're out of the playoffs, but they gave it a good go and I'm sure it made my grandfather happy to go to the game with my brother.

Courtney B.

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