One More Springy Post!

Photos Credit to: Vogue

Starting out with Jill Stuart Spring 2012 RTW, what can I say?  The clever palm tree prints in bright yellow on a coral satin? So cool. I love the pajama vibe too, I could live in all pastel colored clothes if that were possible but the styling had me too.  That feathered swish across bang? So effortless looking and my bangs naturally do that.  Kind of annoying, but sometimes fabulous.

Love, Zooey was a line I recently came upon.  This particular collection for Spring RTW 2012 was a collaboration between New York native, Alice Heller, and Los Angeles born, Grace Chon.  It just all looks so comfy, and cool. Like repurposed clothes from Goodwill.  Repurposed in a good way with denim overtones and sweatpants details.  I just like the ease and the entire California girl look.  Not to mention the model for the lookbook is a redhead with a thousand million freckles, gorgeous. Great use of stripes too, just overall amazingly gorgeous.

Photos Credit to: Refinery29

Michael Van Der Ham's Spring 2012 RTW was pretty sweet.  The prints and turquoise color scheme had me head over heels.  I really like the shades too not to mention the pops of fuchsia.  

Photos Credit to Vogue

J.Crew Spring 2012 RTW was beautiful, as always.  I have been obsessed with this brand for awhile with it's pops of bright neon colors for spring.  Every year they bring it and I'm pretty excited that they went to New York fashion week this year.  Only means they're gonna keep bringing it.  I'm in love with the particular shade of pink they use, it's pretty perfect to me.  Their shades of green are also amazing.

Photos Credit to Jcrew
Okay, I'll stop now. My Spring fix is fulfilled. Sigh, just so much color and print. I swear it's like drug for me.

Courtney B.

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